Wireless Fire Alarm System

Why Wireless Fire Alarm Systems Should be Used by Business Owners



October 20, 2021

Security of their property is obviously of the utmost concern for business owners so having an alarm is essential, in this article we will explore reasons why the business should use wireless versus a wired alarm system. There are so many reasons why business owners should use wireless alarm systems. Let’s explore some of those. Wireless alarm systems are flexible, portable, changeable, expandable and movable.

Less Mess and Money to Install

Wireless fire alarm systems can save businesses money on the installation. Since there are no wires having to be purchased and ran through walls which can be a hassle money and time are saved right off the bat! The wires in wired systems can be messy, get tangled with other electric wires, potentially chewed on by critters etc. There are many reasons the wires aren’t the best option. The lack of wires means no wire ties to connect it to baseboards to make it look half way presentable, no going under carpet with the wires or stripping of the wires or drilling through exterior or interior wall material. It is much simpler and sleeker to go wireless.

Greater Flexibility

The physical advantage of having no wires also comes with greater flexibility, if you want to cover more area there is no need to run more wires, sometimes it can just mean adding a few sensors. With that being said you want to make sure your business plans ahead and gets a controller with more the ability to add more zones to it without upgrading the actual controller. This way you can add more features as your budget allows and as the needs of the business change.

Relocation of the Alarm is Easy

Many businesses start with a small location and as they grow and gain clientele their office space needs increase, so most successful businesses won’t stay in their current location long term. The ability to be able to reuse the entire system in a different building, and expand it to a larger coverage area again are both very attractive features of going wireless!

More Protections

These days alarms can offer more than protection against theft, but a wide range of home security camera equipment is now available wire-free. Some of these include Smoke detectors, gas and flood alarms, intercom systems, and security camera cameras. This adds to the benefits of any alarm but since so much is now available wireless there is no reason to not take the wireless plunge.

Most devices feature a range of at least 300′ to 600′ between devices and the controller. Some go as high as 1000′

Many businesses also have additional buildings like storage garages or separate offices from the warehouses. Just by adding a few sensors and maybe a wireless camera, additional buildings can easily be added to the systems. In addition to having wireless alarm systems, it might also be beneficial to install security access doors as well.


Wireless alarms are now considered to be just as reliable as that of wired systems, concerns about interference from cordless phones, wireless computer networks or other radio frequency devices interfering are taken care of by moving those items just a few feet from alarm components.

Some don’t like that components of the wireless systems usually have separate batteries in each device and if they die it could cause it to be less reliable security-wise, but the security system panels will let you know when a battery is getting low so it can be replaced before it is out totally. Alkaline batteries only last about a year but newer alarm systems are more often using lithium batteries that should at least 5 years, or more.

Part time surveillance needs are attended to as well with today’s wireless alarms as they are flexible about when and how they are used.

In summary, the wireless alarms of today are flexible, effective at many types of protection, reliable, easier and cheaper to install than wired systems, less messy and more attractive. Businesses of today are ever changing due to the changing demands of our marketplaces, don’t be stuck with a security system that will cost you a lot of money to move or expand coverage on. Enjoy the ease and flexibility of going wireless and get many more years of use for your investment!

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