Why is Dragons Den so Popular?

Dragons’ Den is a popular British television series hosted by Evan Davis. This show allows inventors from all walks of life to present their inventions to a panel of five wealthy investors. They in turn pitch their ideas to the millionaires in hopes of receiving a financial investment in exchange for a stake in their company.
Popularity of Dragons Den

Dragons Den is popular because it shows that anyone no matter what their humble beginnings are can create a product and possibly get financial assistance that can launch their product into the forefront of many major brands of today. This show is excellent for any type of business because whether the inventor gets the backing from the millionaires or not they still get free advertisement for their products. Some other manufacturer or business may see them on the show and want to invest in their product.

The publicity for the show is phenomenal for the investors and the inventors, they both get exposure on television for free which is the best kind of advertisement. When the inventors present their products to the panel they have to know how much their business is worth, how much they have currently made in sales, as well as how much their product will sell for and how much it cost to make. They also need to have some idea of who their target audience is and who they are going to sell to. The panel is full of professionals and they want to know the facts and figures and if the contestant doesn’t know them the investors are reluctant to invest.

The investors want to know how much will they have to invest, what percentage of the company will they own and how soon will they recoup their investment. In some cases the investors may feel that they can run the company better than the individual and are willing to buy the whole company and possibly offer royalties to the inventor. Anything is possible when dealing with money and business.

The Dragons Den will remain very popular because it gives every man or woman a chance to play with the big dogs of business and come out the other side winning or at least getting a little free publicity for their new business. Everyone that invents a product wants the opportunity to have a chance to have their product sit beside or conquer the major competition.

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