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Valve Cabinet and Boxes: Do We Need Them?



November 16, 2021

Whether residential or commercial, every building has several valves dedicated for the supply services. These valves include gas line services, central water supply, hose bibs, and other utility services in the building. Most buildings mount these valves in their exterior spaces, exposing them to outside elements, and can be a protruding hazard. While this might be an acceptable practice for others, the best way to keep them secure is to house these valves in a valve cabinet.

At the same time, many homeowners are in a dilemma whether incorporating these is essential in every structure as they provide a safe environment and security. The valve cabinet protects and conceals pipe fittings, valves, wires, manifolds, or irrigation system components.

It is essential to extend the lifespan service of the building components, and the best way to do this is to protect those valve fixtures that connect from the outdoors to the indoors. Valve cabinets and boxes are a perfect way to achieve this goal. These valve cabinets are easy to install into any side of the building structure, either in walls, flooring, or underground surfaces. Some designs of this valve box have a glass or transparent plastic window to allow a person to check or view inside without opening the valve box cabinet. This design can be helpful to identify the content if having some issues with its openings.

Here are some factors why valve boxes are essential:

Provides Security to Plumbing Components

Valve boxes and cabinets protect and secure every valuable control of the water system against vandalism, damage due to string trimmers, mowers, and other outside elements such as hail, etc. It helps to have an efficient utility supply in the building as it prevents unauthorized access to these critical parts of irrigation or water, including gas supply components.

Main valves control many factors, including flow pressure and volume, so they must be secure from unauthorized access. Just like installing smart locks secures the building from unwanted guests, valve boxes and cabinets provide security from intruders and vandalism to access those valuable central controls for the building utility supply. Many valve boxes and cabinets available in the market today have a padlock outfit that will limit access to any unwanted personnel.

Essentially gas line main control valves should be secured and housed by the valve box cabinets and locked to prevent unauthorized access to these critical building components from trying to fix them.

Provides Safety

During an emergency like a pipe burst in your building or home, especially with the gas lines and water pipelines, it needs to immediately isolate the main supply before it causes any damages and injuries to your occupants and property. Having a valve box, you can quickly shut off the main supply line through the valve box.

Enables Easier Renovations and Maintenance

Most valve boxes consist of a variety and vast valve networks of those interconnected pipes for utility supply for the building. During renovations and maintenance, valve boxes help make the work quickly as they can quickly shut off the line in the valve box.

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Provides Quick and Easy Access

In most building structures, they tend to hide the main control valve on the side of the building that is hard to reach so as not to be visible. It ethically affects the building looks and tends to become a protruding hazard without using a valve box. However, this practice could result in a hard reach during emergency and repair situations. There is no need to hide those valuable main control valves on any structure side with a valve box for the main piping controls. The valve box provides aesthetic looks in your space area while it provides easy access to the components.

Helps Increase Valves Lifespan

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Valve boxes and cabinets can increase the lifespan of the supply valves as it protects them from harsh outside elements from mother nature. Rainwater is one of the most detrimental harms that building components must protect from as it is very corrosive. A common way for building structures to have a corrosive main supply valve is due to its exposure to rainwater. It is more likely to replace those elements earlier than their service life span. Valve boxes can mitigate this issue by not allowing rainwater and any potential hazard to penetrate the valve openings.

Blends With the Building Surface

Incorporating a valve box also provides benefits by disguising those valves to blend in with the building surfaces. Most valve boxes sit flush with the building wallings and hide those bibs that are potential unsightly extrusions. It is beneficial for some reasons.

First, if the priority of the building structure is aesthetics and keeping it beautiful and luxurious, you don’t have to worry because a valve box can help blend those bibs and valves into the building facade seamlessly. This scenario is essential to install a service bib in a noticeable area. The second is landscaping can get access to the valve supply, which can help to quickly wall flush the building to eliminate the entry of unwanted grass and invasive plants in the structure. The third is to allow a larger plant right in front of the valve location while keeping the control valve accessible.

Valve boxes are available in various designs and sizes and often overlooked elements by homeowners and property owners in the building designs. However, incorporating these small, relatively inexpensive changes in your buildings’ main valve supply valves is one of the best ways to engage preventive maintenance to some of your valuable building components. Speaking of maintenance, if you want to keep your property in perfect condition, you might find this article useful.

Installing this valve box and cabinets relative to grade and height, you will have a safe and protected environment for your building structure in operating the main supply valves. They can be free from outside elements such as rainwater, hail, debris, accidental openings from kids and give you peace of mind. The answer is yes for some property owners who have a dilemma whether valve boxes and cabinets are essential. It is necessary and convenient as it protects your critical building components.



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