Best Thermal Imaging Cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are handheld devices used to measure heat differential of any object. They are a very efficient, fast and accurate tool to use in the construction industry. They point out defects in various points of buildings when used correctly. They have become a high rated tool to use in many industries. Very useful for targeting things that would take many man hours for a human. They can detect in minutes what could take a person weeks to find. Thermal imaging can see heat through objects where it would be impossible for the eye to visualise. It makes our lives a lot easier in many industries and can do jobs that never used to be possible. The use of these cameras has opened up many windows for us.

The use of thermal imaging cameras can be applied to a vast amount of uses including:-

Electrical Faults

Thermal imaging is an effective way to check circuit boards and wiring. when looking through the camera it shows any hot spots where there is possibly a loose connection or a fault in the circuit board. This can pinpoint the fault straight away without having to test everything. Preventing fires or just as a final inspection.


A very good tool to find faults in pipelines that are very hard to find as they are not visible to the human eye. Any insulation that is missed will show up on the device also blockages can be easily found. The use of pouring hot water through the line will collect at the blockage point and the camera will highlight the hot spot.

Roof Leak Detection

Roof leaks can be a nightmare to find the problem. Water is a good material for holding heat compared with other materials. As the surrounding materials cool down the water will hold heat. The thermal imaging camera can then be used to find the heat spots where you will find the water entry and exit point or any water retained.

Heat Loss Measurement

Energy efficiency is the big rage in construction at present. Using thermal imaging contractors can pinpoint any areas of heat loss and missed insulation. This can save a lot of money in the long run.

Auditing and Home Inspection

Thermal imaging for cool drafts and energy efficiency are important measures for quality control of building or renovating a home. heat loss can account for up to 50% of energy consumption in a home. Where chimneys lofts and doors aren’t sealed properly. the use of thermal imaging cameras can detect the cool flow of air coming in through wall skirts, windows, doors, fireplaces and loft hatches. Imaging can also detect where warm air is lost.

Moisture Damage

Damp walls are not always caused by leaky pipes and walls from above. Rising damp is a more common cause of moisture damage from penetration of water where the drainage system isn’t efficient. Using thermal imaging you can easily detect the damp patches and the cooler spots where the water is penetrating.

Preventing Mould Growth

Mould spores can be very harmful to your health so preventing it is the best way to deal with it. Where mould growth is going to occur it is not visible to the eye and very hard to predict. The use of thermal imaging can highlight the likely points where mould growth will occur. allowing you to concentrate it and prevent it in good time.

Thermal imagery has many other good applications in other industries too such as.

Police Officer Safety

When police officers approach a crime scene it is important to consider safety first. With the use of thermal imaging they can detect if anybody or any animals are at the scene from a safe distance.


The use of light isn’t always applicable where thermal imaging is. It is used to find objects and people not visible or hidden behind other objects. No light is needed or even if a bright light is shined directly at the camera it can see past this.

The Military

Thermal imaging is used widely in the military along with night vision goggles. Night vision can’t detect through dark clothing or camouflage.

Fire Brigade

Fire and rescue service officers also find thermal imaging useful. While it isn’t always used to find animals or humans, it is used to spot hot spots in fires that cause backdrafts. They also use them to find possible explosions, gas tanks and compressed containers.

As you can see thermal imaging cameras are very useful in today’s industries.


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