Texting While Driving – Are You Crazy?

Mobile phones have became a very common form of communication in the entire world. These phones are used for making calls or sending short messages to other phones. It is now impossible for people to imagine life without a mobile phone.

Texting from a mobile phone is an easy and cheap way of communication. Research now shows that millions of text messages are sent from one phone to another every single day. Think of the number of text messages you send every single day from your mobile phone.

While texting is an easy way for people to keep in touch, it has become very dangerous because many drivers tend to write text messages while they are driving. That one minute of writing a simple message on a phone has led to a lot of road accidents.

More than half of all road accidents are caused by one form of distraction or another. When a driver gets distracted and takes his eye off the road, this is a sure recipe for disaster. A driver’s mind is clouded and his judgment impaired as a result of any form of distraction on the road.

Texting is now one of the top cause of distraction to drivers. When one starts reading a message and goes ahead to respond to it, he is easily distracted.

Over the last couple of years, many states have passed laws that ban texting while driving. This has simply been because of the number of accidents and fatalities caused by this habit.

When a driver is distracted while driving, he will in all probability take his eye of the road and have a problem staying on his lane. These two mistakes are an obvious danger on the road.

The reaction time of a distracted driver is also highly compromised. If anything unexpected happens, it is more than likely that an accident will occur because the driver will not be able to react appropriately and in good time.

Accident are very expensive in terms of loss of life, destruction of property and loss of money. Insurance firms and companies are loosing a lot of money every year because of law suites and compensations made due to road accidents.

Road accidents can be significantly reduced by stopping drivers from sending text messages while they are on the road. This will go a long way in saving lives and money lost because of road accidents.  Leslie from http://www.aorinsurances.ie/ loves writing for the web and has a strong interest in the financial area.

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