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5 Outdoor Garden Lighting Ideas That You’ll Love

Having your backyard oasis come together to be the perfect place to relax includes incorporating some great lighting solutions. If you don’t want to be restricted by natural light for barbecuing, taking a dip in the hot tub, or having guests around with a few drinks, integrating some beautiful lights will help you boost your backyard ambiance.

Having appropriate lighting can also help keep your home safe, as an illuminated property won’t be a target as much as a dark property would be.

There are three common types of garden lighting that homeowners choose for their backyard. These include landscape lighting, accent lighting, and safety lighting. Ideally, a combination of the three is a nice balance for your backyard space. With that in mind, here are five outdoor garden lighting ideas that will help you make the most out of your yard.

Spot Lighting

Spot LightingSpotlighting is also well-known as up-lighting. It’s a kind of landscape lighting that involves shining narrow, high-intensity beams of light upwards. Spotlights are a standard-voltage light typically used to highlight trees, plants, or other ornamental features in your yard. These lights can be installed at ground level below trees or slightly above the ground.

There are various bulb shapes that you can choose, but if you’re highlighting taller objects, choosing the bullet-shaped lights will create a pleasant illumination. They also feature an adjustable head, so you can modify them to create the look you want. Since they have a small design and they’re in the ground, they don’t take away your landscaping or become an eyesore.

String Garden Lights

String LightingString lights, also known as fairy lights, are a type of accent lighting that creates a cozy backyard space. They are soft, warm, and low-voltage, and they create an inviting ambiance to your space. String lights are perfect for entertaining. If you are trying to achieve an intimate and comfortable space in your backyard, string lighting is the way to go.

When choosing a set of fairy lights that are ideal for your backyard, opt for waterproof lights that are either solar-powered, rechargeable, or battery-powered. Paying a little extra for LED bulbs will keep your lights lasting a long time without having to replace them.

Choosing any of these power options is much more convenient than the ones that need to be plugged in. You won’t need to run extension cords or only be able to put them in certain spots close to outlets. They’ll also stay safe through any weather.

Path Lighting

Path LightingPath lighting is both considered landscape lighting and security lighting. Illuminating your pathways provides some extra safety when walking up through your walkways at night. It helps you be able to easily navigate your outdoor space and can increase your curb appeal a lot.

While maintaining symmetry, installing lights on either side of the pathway from your fence to the door of your home. You can also put them around stepping stones and garden elements. There are plenty of low-voltage options on the market, and the most common type of path lighting is solar-powered LED.

Path lights typically come on a stake, so they’re easy to install into the grass. Solar-powered lights will charge during the day and be illuminated for hours after the sun sets.

Outdoor Wall Lighs

Outdoor Wall LightingOutdoor wall lights are a popular type of accent and safety lighting. These types of lights are often used to bring light to darker areas in your backyard. They are easily mounted on the walls of your home, inside your pergola, or along your stairwells. They work well in seating areas, low-lying spots, or pools.

Outdoor wall lighting adds a level of elegance to your space while also keeping it safe. You can opt for motion-triggered lights, which will turn on anytime someone or something approaches your property. Extra lighting can deter any possible criminal activity. In conjunction with lighting, installing cameras in areas that you’ve placed the lights is an excellent idea for increased security and peace of mind.

Outdoor wall lighting is likely either battery or solar-powered to allow them to be free of cords and wires. Keeping your home safer and beautiful has never been easier than adding some outdoor wall lighting options.

Deck Lighting

Deck LightingDeck lighting is a kind of safety outdoor lighting and decorative lighting that adds a lot to your backyard space. You can illuminate the stairs up to your deck, preventing tripping or other injuries.

Depending on your yard and deck layout, you can also help add some light to nearby features, like a seating area or garden.

There are a couple of different ways you can add outdoor lighting to your deck. You can either use string lights, individual LED garden lights, or even solar lights, that are carefully placed or lanterns. You can purchase LED lights that sit in the grooves of your deck so you can walk over them without tripping or noticing them.

Lanterns are a great option that is portable and inexpensive. They serve as beautiful accent outdoor lighting, and they can add a lot to your decor. Many homeowners install them near their back doors, windows, along arches, and in seating areas. Outdoor lanterns come in various sizes, and you can most likely find one that matches your decor style. Most lanterns are either solar or battery-powered, so you can take them anywhere with you.

Installing outdoor garden lighting is a great way to boost the ambience of your backyard space, up the security and safety factors without spending a ton of money. A beautiful garden lighting scheme allows you to spend more time in your outdoor space entertaining, relaxing, or cooking up some delicious eats. There are so many fantastic lighting options to purchase that you’re bound to find something that you love for a price that’s within your budget.

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