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New Roof Hatch Features You Should Know About



November 16, 2021

Commercial and industrial buildings have tons of features that require constant maintenance. That’s why building owners hire technicians, contractors, and other building personnel to handle the job without the need to contact them. They ensure the entire structure doesn’t run into serious issues that could cause an inconvenience to everyone inside.

One part of a building that technicians and contractors work on the most is the roof. It usually houses large systems or components like water tanks, building generators, or others that don’t fit inside the building. Some buildings can go as high as 500 feet, so using a ladder won’t work. Engineers and architects install a roof hatch to fix that problem.

Roof Hatch: What Is It?

As the name suggests, a roof hatch provides easy entry to roof areas within a building. Keep in mind that using emergency ladders installed at the side of the building is dangerous. People could fall if they slip on the ladder steps, and you don’t want that happening to your facility. You can install a roof hatch underneath the roof’s ceiling, ensuring the person won’t have to worry about falling from great heights. For instance, if there’s a roof hatch on the building, you might not have to clean the gutters from the ground.

You can also find many types of roof hatches of different sizes so that workers can use them for gaining entry or for letting large equipment or systems pass through to the roof. It would be best if you knew the purpose of your roof hatch to determine how you will utilize it.

Besides the different sizes, you also need to know about several new roof hatch features. Some features include:

1. Durable and Inexpensive Materials

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One feature that makes a roof hatch unique is the materials that manufacturers use to create it. Galvanized steel is one of many materials that they use to create high-quality roof hatches. Contractors consider galvanized steel one of the best materials, especially when needing inexpensive yet reliable roof hatches.

Another material that manufacturers use to create roof hatches is stainless steel material. It has almost identical elements of galvanized steel. However, stainless steel roof hatches cost less, so engineers buy them in bulk when it requires multiple roof hatches.

When your building has durable roof hatches, you should expect increased overall security. You don’t have to hire multiple security guards to roam around, thinking that criminals can enter through the roof hatches quickly. Building technicians can close the roof hatch from the inside, so burglars will have no choice but to break through the hatch. It’ll force them to break through the roof hatch, which will cause a lot of noise and alert the guards stationed within the building.

As long as you purchase from reliable suppliers like Best Roof Hatches, you should have no trouble gaining adequate protection from your durable roof hatch.

2. High Safety Levels When Operated

Several new features of roof hatches include improved safety when operated. Note that opening a roof hatch isn’t that easy without its hydraulic cylinder system, enabling users not to use too much of their strength when opening the hatch. The hydraulic cylinder system also helps when propping the hatch up so that people can go through the opening without having anyone hold the hatch up.

The hydraulic cylinder system also works to close the hatch slowly when not locked open in place. It’s an important safety feature whenever the area experiences strong winds, and the hatch might close. People who climb up the roof don’t have to worry about the hatch suddenly closing in front of them because of the hydraulic cylinders. If you don’t want any accidents with the roof hatch, it’s always ideal for locking the hatch in place if you know other people are climbing up.

Another safety feature about a roof hatch is that you can install service stairs or ladders, depending on what type of roof hatch you install. Contractors usually install service stairs on equipment roof hatches because they have a large opening that diagonally lets a person enter the roof. The ladder is suitable when your building has a small roof hatch opening, providing an effortless entryway to the roof.

3. Increased Building Energy-Efficiency

White roof hatch

Commercial building owners face a problem each month: how to reduce their energy bills, especially when they have hundreds of thousands of appliances, machines, and systems running every day. They can save on energy bills by shutting off the lights when no one’s using them.

At one point, they will have no choice but to use the lights to illuminate the building tenants. If you want to provide proper lighting without electricity during the day, you need to install skylight roof hatches. They work the same as a standard roof hatch, but with a clear glass window on its panel to light the building’s interior. To learn more about the lighting in your home, read this post on color temperature lighting.

Commercial buildings like malls, shopping centers, and entertainment areas use skylight roof hatches to save the building a ton of money in energy bills. Everyone can feel the natural light hit their skin without the need to go outside. Instead of installing more lighting fixtures inside your building, consider replacing them with skylights instead. Skylights are one of the best eco-energy solutions for homeowners.

4. Eliminate Smoke During a Building Fire

Smoke is the most common factor that causes fatalities during a building fire. Thick smoke can spread throughout the building, making people suffocate and lose vision when escaping the fire. You don’t want that happening to any building, so the best option is to provide a smoke vent that you install on the roof.

Opening windows and doors won’t let smoke escape out of the building effectively. Smoke always travels upwards, and open windows will only make it go sideways, causing it to stay and accumulate longer inside. On the other hand, a smoke vent opens itself automatically or manually and sucks the smoke out of the building upwards.

Don’t forget the different new features of roof hatches mentioned above to help you understand how it benefits buildings. Note that many building owners forget about installing roof hatches and encounter complications like slow roof maintenance. If you need high-quality roof hatches, make sure you choose trustworthy companies like Best Roof Hatches all the time!

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