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Make your loft conversion look bigger

The loft is usually a small space that isn’t all that pretty, it can be difficult to make sure your space looks as big a possible. With that said, this can be a very individual endeavour. The way you use the converted loft and how you want it to look is everything. So, it can be tricky to just follow a simple step by step guide to-a-tee and be happy with the outcome. So here are a few tips that may help you adapt your space and make it look bigger. Feel free to use them as they’re needed.


Loft conversion

This is one of the easiest things you will have to think about. While many seem to overlook it and use any old light they’ve got lying about, I’d advise paying some attention to this detail and thinking about it properly.

This is so simple if the loft conversion is intended to be used as a playroom, a second lounging area, or even a bedroom, a stylish light fixture will liven it right up. If it will be used for storage and utilities then a good spotlight will do the trick, maybe even add another lighting point to get the most out of the loft.  This will go nicely with pastel paint because the light will bounce around the room, exposing those dark corners. What’s more, making sure the corners of the room are lit up is one of the most important things you can do. This will really open it up and make sure you’re getting every inch out of the space.

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The installation of skylights or roof hatch windows may be a good idea, especially if someone will be using the loft conversion as a bedroom. Nobody wants to be in a room without at least one window for a long period of time. Not having a window even has an impact on both your mental and physical health according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Health benefits aside, natural light has other positive attributes worth looking into. With a large window, you’ll create a light and airy ambiance despite the actual size. Avoid blocking the natural light if possible would be great and doing this with Velux style windows would be an easy fix. If you own an older property you can get inspired by one of the world’s architectural building styles and get an amazing and suitable look for your property!


This is a basic technique that most interior designers will use, and it does make sense. It’s more than likely you already have an idea for where you’d hang a mirror which is a good thing. That means that the mirror would look natural and not as though it been forced into the room.

The use of tall, thin mirrors will create the illusion of a wide room and make the wall look longer which is great for a room with a very short wall. However, hanging a mirror that’s short and wide will help a room that doesn’t have very high ceilings.

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Wall Space

loft conversion nottingham

Utilising wall shelving will mean that you’re able to save floor space which is always handy. If you were to use a freestanding shelving unit, you’d be taking up a lot of space unnecessarily.  Instead,  you’ll be able to store your essentials while having space for something like a bed or TV stand. While on the topic of TV’s, mounting it to the wall is going to be the best approach. Like the shelving, you’ll be able to save floor space and fit more into the room. What’s more, this will give you a contemporary look that’s a little more in keeping with today’s trends.

An integrated wardrobe might be a good idea, depending on your preference. It would mean that you’ve got a large amount of storage which is always ideal. In addition to this, when you look at the space, it looks as though you have actually lost any space.


Most people don’t take paint into consideration and this is usually the downfall of the room. A big ‘no-no’ would be to paint the room with a dark color. Implementing alight color is the way to go. This is simply because the lighter colors will bounce the natural light from the windows around the room and make things a little brighter.

I’d suggest using pastel paint and due to the typically neutral tones. If you are going to paint any wooden furniture in your room as well, don’t forget to use a primer before painting wood. This will leave room for something eye-catching elsewhere. For example, find a piece of art, a mirror, or a lighting fixture that contrasts the neutral paint. This is likely to generate interest in that particular item and draw attention away from the size of the room.

There are a number of simple ways for you to make a small space look bigger, whether is utilizing floor space or changing the color of the walls. It’s a very personal task which is why you should either decorate the loft conversion yourself or find an interior designer that understands your needs.

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Written by; Charlie Worrall

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