Top Landscaping Trends around the World

Top Landscaping Trends around the World

Guest post by Emma Joyce

Each year we come up with new landscaping trends that shape millions of gardens across the globe. To emphasize the outdoor space, most people turn to various sources of inspiration not just in their country, but from all over the world as well. Whether it’s planting new trees, creating new layouts, or adding a few changes, new trends are always welcomed.

To really embrace the change, you need some inspiration and tips from the landscaping experts that will guide you through some of the greatest trends that can easily be implemented into your own backyard as well.

Zen gardens from Japan

Zen gardens from Japan

Japanese gardens are all about creating a place for peace and serenity, and using every little corner to achieve these vibes. The key point is to create something more than a simple spot to spend time and relax, but an area that will actually inspire you and stimulate your mind. That’s why the design has to be rich, but handled carefully to avoid the clutter. You’ll find different elements to include, from stone and wood to those inescapable water features. These are all taken from the Buddhist way of life, and the philosophy of being one with nature.

All the elegance from France

Just like in every other part of French culture, gardening is all about elegance. A truly sophisticated garden design consists of charming details like soft-colored flowers, different types of brick walls and small details.

The design itself is deeply influenced by the French countryside which is a major inspiration for landscape designers. Art plays a huge part also, so everything you see looks like a picture with all the colors and carefully planned details. The main feeling that needs to be achieved is glamour, so high-end furniture is what many people are aiming for when choosing additions for their gardens.

Cutting-edge trends from Australia

Greek gardens


Australia is a true leader in the landscape industry, and many new trends are often influenced by these picturesque gardens. The biggest emphasis is on the professionally designed gardens which is something experts in landscaping from Sydney know how to do best. The top thing Aussies search for are big green walls which are becoming more popular because of native plants that grow in the changeable climate comfortably.

Apart from that, garden designers are getting more requests for implementing different types of fruits and vegetables because of people who like growing these on their own. Of course, cozy furniture is a must because Australian people like to spend as much time outdoors as they can.

Slices of paradise in Greek gardens

The Mediterranean climate in Greece seems like the perfect setting for one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The weather here has a huge influence on the basic layout and determines the place for different types of plants. Whitewashed walls are the iconic symbol of this Hellenic country, especially when combined with bright flowers that accentuate the clean look.

Terracotta pots are great for plants because they can be moved to get more Sun or to recover in the shade. You can also see different types of herbs which are great for the aesthetic appeal and are important in the rich Greek cuisine.

The leading trends in the USA

There’s no surprise that most gardening trends come from the USA, and they’re truly the leaders when it comes to the number of changes. Planting vegetables and turning to organic gardening is among the most popular trends at the moment and something people just love. It’s all about the personal use and not turning it into a business, but the design is carefully planned.

Urban hubs contain different types of vegetables and a mixture of plants that are beneficial for their growth. On the other hand, you can see elegant and bold garden trends including interesting water features, exotic plants, and entertainment areas to fulfill every inch of the garden.


Whether you’ve been searching for something inspiring to wow your guests at the next garden party, or simply want to have the trendiest garden, you can find the inspiration in different parts of the world. Sometimes, a little mixture of everything is the best way to create the best design that will suit your style.

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