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Top 5 Indoor Plants for Small Apartments

Plants are a staple in living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms all over the world. Bringing plants inside offers a ton of different benefits, from making a room more comfortable to increasing the quality of the air, and giving a boost to your mood. They are also great for connecting your home to the outdoors, which many people in big cities might love.

While you may want to have dozens of plants all over your home, the space you have may not allow it. If you find yourself currently living in a cozy and smaller apartment, or moving into a smaller home, you may need to be a little more selective about the plants you have.

Thankfully, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are several amazing plants that are perfect for small spaces in your apartment. This article is going to go over five of the best, to help you choose the right one for your small space. One of the best and easiest ways I get these indoor plants is from my local flower delivery company.


succulentOne of the most popular options for those living in small apartments is succulents. These are such a common choice for a number of reasons. First of all, they are incredibly low-maintenance indoor plants. They only need minimal watering, and many can survive in low-light conditions, but often do better in the sun. Many are also quite small, and very easy to fit in smaller spaces.

They are also very popular due to the sheer amount of choices you have. In general, there are many different kinds of succulents out there that you can choose from. They come in different colors, different shapes, different sizes, and will have different leaves. Of course, be sure to learn more about the different options before deciding which to go with.

You can mix and match different ones in a single pot for a unique mix, put a bunch of the same one in the same glass container, or even just have a single solo succulent in your home office. They are very versatile and are generally easy to find anywhere.

Peace Lily

peace lilyPeace lilies are another good option for those with limited space in a small apartment. They take up very little space and are perfect for a desk, a shelf, or anywhere else you have a little space. They feature long green leaves and stunning white flowers that are sure to catch the eye of anyone who visits your apartment.

These are very popular due to the fact that they need limited sun. This makes them perfect for apartments that don’t get direct sunlight or only get it in limited amounts. In fact, this plant is sometimes referred to as a closet plant for its low light requirements.

Not only can this plant thrive in indirect light, but its water requirements are also simple. And if you do forget, the plant is quick to remind you as the leaves will drop if it’s thirsty. This makes it very simple to keep it alive, even if you have struggled with caring for indoor plants in the past.

Spider Plant

Getting its name from the long leaves that resemble a spider’s leg, this plant is another great choice for apartment owners or renters. Whether you have a lot of direct sunlight, indirect light, low-light, or even artificial light, this plant will adapt well. Watering it is also quite easy, as it doesn’t require a lot.

They are a bit larger than some of the other options but are still a great size for apartments. These low-maintenance plants for apartments also thrive when their roots are crowded, so they are perfectly fine for smaller containers. Their size makes it easy to fill out a spot in your home that you are finding a hard time decorating, as well.

They can be potted, but can also be hung up to allow their flowing leaves to extend downward through the air, which can add a lot of elegance to your home. Hanging baskets are a great way to add more plants to your apartment without taking up any surface space. If you want something similar, consider getting a snake plant.

Air Plant

woman holding air plantAnother great option to consider is the air plant. While most plants need to be planted in soil, these unique air plants can actually thrive without any dirt or soil. Due to their leaf scales, this plant actually absorbs moisture from the air to grow. This not only makes them much easier to care for but gives you a ton of different options for how to display these plants.

You can mount them to wood, put them in small glass containers, on a sculpture, in a frame, or in any other manner that you’d like.

These plants for apartments are especially great if you have pets or children who love to dig in the soil of your plants. They are also incredibly small, which makes them easy to fit just about anywhere that you think they would look good. It does need a little bit of bright light, but a little spritz of water every week or so will be all it needs to thrive and look incredible.

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One of the best-looking house plants you can buy also just happens to be perfect for smaller and cramped apartments. Bamboo looks incredibly unique, and can really contribute to a positive living environment. Bamboo can be added to your home in a variety of different ways. There are smaller and shorter bamboo plants, and also those of the long variety if you would prefer that look for your space.

A staple of good apartment plants, bamboo is incredibly easy for even the worst plant parent to grow. All it needs is a little water here and there, and some shade. Bamboo is also seen as very lucky by many people, which is all the more reason to have it in your apartment.

Any of these five indoor plants will be perfect for your small apartment. How many you choose and how you use them is up to you, but they are sure to help boost the overall look of your home. Of course, there are several other plants out there that can work in your apartment, particularly if you are willing to invest in a good AeroGarden for example, so be sure to do your homework.

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