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7 Ideas to Make Your Home More Beautiful and Luxurious

We’d all love an interior designer and an unlimited budget to make our homes look like something out of a glossy magazine. However, most of us have other priorities, leaving our home beautification aspirations at the bottom of the list.

Fortunately, there are plenty of DIY hacks that can make your home look sophisticated, modern, and gorgeous. Forget about spending a fortune on major renovations and expensive accessories.

It’s time to dust off your decor dreams and get creative. Whether you are remodeling your new place, moving into a new one, or downsizing, here are seven ideas for a more beautiful and luxurious townhouse, studio apartment, or suburban home.

Mirror Magic

mirrorsMirrors are an ingenious and inexpensive way to refresh your interior and give it a more modern feel. They also create the illusion of space, ideal for cramped bedrooms, studies, bathrooms, or living areas. Place them on closet doors, in dull halls, or on a wall.

Try using a series of smaller mirrors in a pattern or ones of various shapes closer together for a chic, designer look. If you have a larger one, make it an accent piece by placing it in a central space.

Plus, you’ll be surprised at how a repainted frame can create that finishing touch. You could even turn a round mirror into a decorative accessory with a piece of rope and some glue.

To learn about other ways to create the illusion of space, check out my post on how to make small spaces bigger or my post on how to make your loft conversion look bigger.

Add a Touch of Style With Tiles

tiles for saleIf you would like a whole new kitchen from JD Kitchens but can’t really go for something that big at the moment, know that you can give it a whole new look with just a few tiles. You don’t have to revamp the entire room, either. Simply choose an area that could do with some livening up. The spaces between cabinets and counters or even the middle of a blank wall are ideal.

If you have a large surface area, opt for affordable tiles with trendy, upmarket designs. If it’s only a small space, splurge a little and find gorgeous, eye-catching ones instead.

The shapes lend themselves to creativity, so try arranging them diagonally, in a pattern, or a geometric design. It’ll bring a splash of style reminiscent of an Art Deco theme to your home.

Along with tiles, you can also get creative by using glass pebbles. Check out my post on making a backsplash from glass pebbles.

Paint Perfection

A simple coat of fresh paint can reinvent a room. Make a statement with an accent wall by adding an artistic design on top of a contrasting color. Alternatively, you can use stripes for a more striking look or opt for dark ceilings and light walls for depth and finesse.

While you’re at it, why not breathe new life into that dated piece of furniture? There are some simple paint techniques you can do yourself to make a tired chest of drawers look like something out of a designer’s catalog.

What about that old porch chair? A fresh coat of bold paint can turn it into a statement piece for your living room – instantly. When it comes to wood, keep in mind that proper surface preparation is crucial for a professional end result.

When it comes to interior walls, you might want to read a bit about interior plaster.

Use Lampshades and Lighting for Luxury

Swapping out your old lampshades with new, chic ones is a quick and easy way to add sophistication to a room. There are various affordable yet modern options available, but you might have to do a bit of hunting.

You may even find something at a garage sale or thrift store. An oddball antique lampshade could be precisely what that drab corner needs. Color temperature lighting also plays a massive role in your interior decor. Soft white bulbs are ideal for hallways, living rooms, and bedrooms, while cool white globes are best for areas like the kitchen or office.

Fairy or rope lights are a brilliant way to give a room a contemporary, stylish, and affordable upgrade. Hang them up vertically, against a bland wall, or drape them horizontally, across the ceiling, for added elegance.

Tailored Textiles

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your home more beautiful is by adding a few tailored textiles. Scatter cushions can bring a pop of color into the living room and compliment the decor. Think striking designs, bright hues, and unique textures. You can replace your old ones or just get new velvety, silky, or woolen knit covers for them.

A faux-fur throw blanket brings a degree of coziness and comfort, while a large rug automatically makes a room seem larger and more luxurious. Mix it up with contrasting textures like glass, wood, metals, and textiles –  but be careful not to overdo it.

Let Art Play Its Part

luxury homeAdding artwork to your walls is another affordable and easy home decor idea. A massive mosaic of your favorite family photos can make a gorgeous statement piece. Accentuate the pictures with a contrasting background or have them framed individually.

For something more chic and sophisticated on your solid-colored walls, you could hang up some black and white photographs. They could be personal pictures or artistic images that just resonate with you.

If you have a creative streak, you could even make your own DIY artwork. Alternatively, you can find hundreds of online printables in the public domain. From Renaissance paintings to periodic posters – the options are limitless. You could also create your own art with glass pebbles or toy marbles.

Be sure to go thrift-store and garage-sale hunting. You might find a gorgeous piece of art that compliments your living room beautifully.

Glamorous Greenery

plants at homeNot only do plants come with health benefits, but they’re also a fantastic and inexpensive way to add an alluring accent to a dull space. You don’t have to have green thumbs either. There are plenty of low-maintenance options that’ll still boost your interior aesthetic.

Succulents come in all sorts of exotic varieties. You can find them in various shapes, colors, and sizes, perfect for an indoor arrangement. Plant a few together in a glass globe or go all out and design your own DIY terrarium.

The Peace Lily, Jade Pothos Totem, and English Ivy are also ideal choices for a refined and modern look. Pair your plants with snazzy pots to complete the look.

Beautify Your Home on a Budget

You don’t have to empty your bank account to make your home beautiful. With a few mirrors, some striking tiles, and a fresh coat of paint, you can turn your space into a stylish sanctuary.

Scatter cushions, rugs, and throws add an element of luxury, while artwork and plants make a glamorous addition to your home. Finish your interior off with a new lampshade or two and incorporate fairy lights for sophistication and charm.

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