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How to Use Self Storage

When you need extra room for storage, a self storage facility might be the right answer. People use self storage units when they move or to hold items that just will not fit in their current living quarters. Offices use self storage to hold old records and files. For others, the storage unit serves as an extra room or garage space to hold vehicles, tools or other equipment. Some businesses run parts of their business operations in a storage unit during open hours. Whatever the purpose, there are a few things to consider when you want to use a self storage unit.

• Do you need indoor, temperature or climate control?

• How close is the unit to your home or office?

• How much space do you need right now, and in the future?

• How secure is the storage facility?

• Is the area paved and clean? Pavement keeps down dust and dirt.

These are the basic questions to answer first. Once you have selected a self storage unit, you want to inspect it for leaks, structural integrity and security from animals and pests. Water and humidity damage can do the most harm; bugs, mice, rats and other pests are also problematic. If there is no pest control, you want to put down your own before loading up the unit.

Security is important; be sure there is 24/7 locking, lighting, video surveillance and on-site attendants. The gates should be always closed and locked, not left open. Get a good lock for your storage unit. Look for any water marks or stains on the floor and ceiling. If there is a problem, ask for a different unit.

Pack your unit full to get the most storage space. Use waterproof containers like rubber tubs with covers on the bottom level. Make sure the heavy items are on the bottom. Seal all cardboard boxes to help keep out bugs, dust and dirt. Use adequate protective packing, like bubble wrap, on fragile items. Do not pack large boxes with heavy items; use smaller boxes you can lift. Label the outside of every box with a code or contents. Keep a separate list, and mark boxes with numbers. This makes retrieval of items easier.

Pack things you need access to in the front of the storage shed. Do not lean heavy items against walls. Stand mattresses and sofas on end. Use blankets or pads between furniture that might scratch, like table tops. Put large and heavy items in the back or along the side walls. Use furniture drawers and insides of appliances for storage. Dismantle furniture but keep parts together. Never store flammables in your storage shed. Finally, pay your bill on time.

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  1. I had not taken into account the importance of selecting waterproof containers such as rubber tubs in order to ensure that your goods can remain protected. I’m looking into moving with my family in a few weeks. We’ll be sure to look into self-storage facilities in the area to determine who will be the most beneficial.

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