How to Pick a New Clamp Meter

There are certainly several advancements in technology nowadays that it makes it quite easy for all sorts of professionals to perform what is expected of them.

Clamp Meter

This is something which applies even to technicians and electricians.  They are provided all the latest equipment infused with up to date technology.  However, there are some nifty innovations which may actually require skill and expertise.  Take electrical systems for example; one cannot simply try fix any problems with electric current inside the house or in the office if that person does not have the necessary knowledge on how wires and electric cables work.  There may be a chance that this person would end up injuring or even killing himself if he attempts to rectify the situation, simply because he wasn’t equipped with the proper knowledge and skills.  This is where the aid of an electrician comes in.  Apart from their know-how on such matters, they also possess all the right tools to prepare for any troubleshooting concerns.

One of the tools which they make use of is the clamp meter.  This is essentially an electrical tester which combines a current meter and a voltage meter.  It’s very much like a multimeter as well, in a way that it has transitioned quite successfully from the analog days to today’s digital realm.  It was created primarily for electricians to use.  Yet, nowadays one can find several models which are equipped with important features for accurate measuring.  However, considering that there are lots of them to be found in the market these days, one has to wonder what makes a clamp meter good for use.  One has to consider the features that the meter offers.  Specifications, functions and the value that it brings are things that one has to look into before getting a clamp meter.

  • There’s the matter of it being a reliable product.  One would know that a clamp meter is good whenever there are many electricians who use it and have attested to its effectiveness of use.   Apart from that, its manufacturer should have good standing among its clients.  It shouldn’t break down so easily and can withstand use even in tough conditions.
  • Accuracy of the meter is something else to look into.  It should display the closest possible value of the measured signal in order to ensure that the electrical device is functioning properly.
  • Another matter to consider is that the meter should be regulated for safety.  There’s nothing more important for an electrical expert than using something which is known to function properly and will not put his life at risk.  Therefore, a really good meter has to pass electrical standards set by the CSA, UL, VDE and other bodies of authority in the electrical industry.

Clamp meters prove to be really valuable tools in testing the status of an electrical socket, a battery or any device which requires the use of electricity.  These qualities should be taken into consideration before electricians decide to purchase a tool which can help them carry out their jobs without any harm or danger.

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