How to Have a Self-Drive Vacation In Ireland

An Unforgettable Trip, that’s Ireland

The idea of a road trip in a foreign country might seem overwhelming. In many countries, it may prove a confusing or even dangerous experience. But traveling by car in the beautiful country of Ireland is an exception to this rule! Traveling through the weathered countryside of Ireland is not as hard as you might think. Here are some considerations and suggestions for a self drive vacation through the country of Ireland.

Renting a car is affordable in Ireland, and since the country is smaller than many states in America, you can see most of it in a week’s visit. Take some time to learn how to drive on the opposite side of the road and handle roundabout intersections before venturing into busier areas. Since there are often no street signs in the rural parts of the country, plan your route carefully and make sure you fill up before heading out.

Glendalough Ireland

While having your Ireland vacation there is a lot to see in this historically-rich country. Visit many of the historic Castles to enjoy the amazing architecture and a glimpse into life of the middle ages in Ireland. Museums chronicle the nation’s turbulent past and rich culture. Many also enjoy visiting the Dublin Castle where the Chester Beatty collection of ancient bible manuscripts can be viewed. Historical and educational content is rich in Ireland.

The larger cities also offer a lot to see and do. Be sure to make time to visit an authentic Irish pub and enjoy a pint of their signature Guinness beer. You may be surprised at how different it tastes in its country of origin! Real fans of the brew may also enjoy a visit to the Guinness brewery in Dublin to hear the 200 year history of the famous drink.

With all the cultural attractions, don’t forget to enjoy some of the incredible natural spectacles to be found in Ireland. Giant’s Causeway – a natural formation of rocks caused by the Ocean’s erosion – is unlike any shorefront you have ever seen. If the beautiful and breath-taking cliffs of Moher look familiar to you, it is probably because you have seen this place in popular movies such as “The Princess Bride” and “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince”. No trip to Ireland is complete traveling through the solitary roads in the country’s mountainous center. You will find the roads are surprisingly safe even in the uninhabited parts of this green wonderland.

Ireland is an excellent stepping stone into getting comfortable driving in European countries. Take some precautions and plan your routes and you will be sure to enjoy all this amazing country has to offer.

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