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How to Find Discounts for Garden Furniture

Having a lovely garden is more important than you might initially think. A well-maintained garden is a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment. The whole deal becomes even sweeter if you can find the garden furniture that makes your freshly painted deck pop, suits your style, and fits your budget. 

This guide will help you learn how to find discounts on garden furniture while simultaneously having the garden of your dreams. Mix and match these tips and tricks for the best results.

Yard and Estate Sales 

Yard sales are where the bargains are. Granted, most people sell smaller things and trinkets, but patience will pay off when hunting for quality garden furniture. You should also be on the lookout for anyone moving out of your area and the accompanying moving sales. And, don’t be afraid to bargain if you see something that you want. 

When it comes to estate sales, keep in mind that the best items go first. Be at the sale as early as possible, and make sure you know exactly what you want and how much you’d be willing to pay for it. You should always keep an eye out for older furniture that is built to last. 

Lastly, if you are ready to risk it, you might get the best price on Sundays when the estate sale is closing, but the item you liked might not be there anymore.

Check Thrift Stores

thrift store

The significant difference between the items you’ll find at a thrift store and those found at a yard sale is the fact that thrift stores sell items that are donated to them. This means that things you’ll find there might have some wear and tear to them, but with some attention to detail, you should be able to find something that is as good as new or requires minimal modifications and alterations to look fresh. 

Visit going-out-of-business sales

Be on the lookout for shops that must clear out inventory and equipment in their facility before the doors officially close for good. 

If you want to get the best price possible, wait until the final weeks of operation to shop. The people running the sale often would instead take any amount of money than have to pack it up and ship it to the dump or donate it to a charity. Although selection may be limited, the savings can be huge.

Dig a bit deeper

If you walk all the way to the back of the furniture store, you might find some items that come with deeply discounted price tags.

If you don’t mind tiny imperfections on your garden furniture or taking home a floor model with some hard to see signs of gentle use, this is the way to go. Keep in mind that some stores have a policy that forbids the selling of floor models, so don’t bug the salespeople if they tell you that the floor model is not for sale.

Buy returned furniture 

set of patio furniture

Buying returned furniture is another option for getting an in-store discount. 

When shopping in stores, ask salespeople if any returns are available at a lower price. Remember, one man’s castoff can be another’s bargain. These items usually don’t have anything wrong with them, but their cost can be lower simply because they have been taken out of the store and returned to it. 

Find discount codes

Sometimes, you’ll manage to knock the price down at the cash register if the cashier can give you a special price, but this is not a sure option. 

Instead, look for discount codes, both offline and online. With just some digging, you can find websites that serve as discount codes aggregators. Here’s a John Lewis discount code to get you started. 

Follow the furniture makers online

Some furniture makers offer a special discount to the people that are following their mailing list. Others provide additional promotions via Twitter, Facebook, or other social media. 

If there is a particular brand of garden furniture that you like, it might be wise to keep an eye on these channels, as it can save you a pretty penny. 

Track Amazon prices

You can also use technology to your advantage when hunting for a bargain by using price trackers. 

Price trackers monitor millions of products and alert you when prices drop, helping you decide when to buy. Popular options include Camel Camel Camel and Keepa.

Consider buying out of season

garden hanging chair

Just like many other items, garden furniture goes in and out of season during the year, for example, granite garden furniture can be bought cheaper during the winter.

Consider shopping out of season if you have a good idea of what you want your garden to look like and what type of furniture would help you get the desired look. Doing so is a simple trick that can save you a substantial amount of money. 

Give outlets a try

Outlets and clearance centers are the places where you are guaranteed to find reasonable prices. 

There, you will find furniture that has been discontinued, damaged, or returned. What you see is what you get, so thoughtfully inspect every piece of furniture that grabs your attention. 

The inventory at outlets tends to turn over frequently, so pop in as often as you can to take a look. You never know when you’ll find the perfect piece of furniture there. 

Use price matching to your advantage 

If you find something you like, find out if the store offers price matching for similar or identical products. Check around with competing stores for a lower price to present to the original seller. That way, you’ll be able to get the exact item you want at a reduced cost.

Wait for Black Friday deals 

sale sign

On Friday, November 27, it’s Black Friday 2020, and many prices will drop, including garden furniture prices. 

The Black Friday sales continue through the weekend to Monday, November 30 – also known as Cyber Monday. Retailers typically continue their sales through then, sometimes further discounting products on Cyber Monday.

The sellers that will be taking part in Black Friday sales in the UK include Argos, Benson, Brook and Wilde, Debenhams, Furniture village, John Lewis, Wayfair, and more. 

In the States, you will find Black Friday deals at Wayfair, Home Depot, Target, Brooklinen, Pottery Barn, and Serena & Lily, among others. Keep in mind that some retailers such as Target will be closed on Black Friday. 


As you have seen, there are plenty of ways for you to save money when buying the furniture that will complete the look of your garden. 

Some of them demand a bit of online engagement on your part, such as deals and coupons hunting or following stores or furniture makers on social media. Others have a higher work and reward correlation, like searching for furniture at estate sales, while some are as simple as installing an addon to your web browser. 

For best results, use a mix of the techniques listed in this article. Remember, patience is a virtue that pays off in many aspects of life, including buying garden furniture. As long as you have a clear vision of what your dream garden should look like and enough patience to snag the best deal possible, your dream is guaranteed to become a reality.

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