How Exercise and Detoxification are Good for Your Health

detoxNo matter what your age, from 8 to 80, exercise will improve your life. But if you’re not used to exercise, then do add it to your regime gently, taking precautions to protect your muscles by keeping them warm, and your heart by building up slowly and having a cool-down period when you’re ending.

Walking is still probably the best exercise there is and ideally you need to start with about 10 minutes a day, building up over about 2 months to 45 minutes 4 or 5 times a week at a fairly brisk pace. If you want to lose weight, you may need a slightly more vigorous regime, and if you have painful joints, exercising in water would be good for you. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s something you like and will enjoy. Adding weights can also be fun, but again do it gently. Whether you begin by lifting a can of peas in each hand or go to a fancy gym, take it easy and always have an assessment from your GP before you begin on any new regime.


We are constantly surrounded by pollutants and we therefore need to detoxify ourselves regularly. There are several ways you can choose to do this, from adding dry skin brushing to your daily cleansing routine, to having a day a week when you take only fruit, fruit juices, water and herbal teas. It’s a good idea to start and end the day with a cup of hot water which both detoxifies and stimulates your liver and kidneys and you might like to have a regular steam or sauna. Massage helps move toxins out of your tissues and is also a lovely way of getting some of your quota of touching! Essential for total wellbeing.

Have a look at the toxins checklist below. So many of us are living in polluted atmospheres, with cigarette smoke, fumes, geopathic stress (natural radiation arising from the earth), radon gas and electromagnetic fields playing havoc with our minds and bodies. There’s always something you can do. Remember that a tree can deal with an amazing amount of pollution from car fumes, as can some plants, so if you have a garden you could plant a tree (or at least a large plant!) If not, you could plant one somewhere else to help the earth deal with all the mess she’s trying to clear up. Peace lilies can neutralise some of the force field from computers, microwaves and televisions, so have some of them in your home and office. Spider plants are also good at reducing pollution in your home.

Toxins Checklist

Self: Are you inadvertently eating or drinking pesticides, contaminated water or detergents? Check that your water is pure. It might be worth investing in a purification system or buying bottled water. Try to buy organic fruit and vegetables where possible. Do you rinse your crockery and cutlery well to rid them of all traces of detergents? Do you check labels for additives? Cooking from fresh ingredients is always better and then you know exactly what you’re eating. Do you drink a lot of canned drinks? Their sugar content can later cause blood sugar to fall with quite marked effect on mood, concentration and attention. Are you absorbing mercury from old fillings in your teeth? It might be an idea to get your dentist to check you out. Are you missing some health problem? Candidiasis must be one of the most missed diagnoses. How about doing a detox with a regular fruit and water/herbal tea fast and a weekly steam and/or sauna?

Environment: Are you being bombarded by electromagnetic fields? From computer. electric alarm clock, electric blanket, television or other electric or electronic equipment? You could buy a screen to protect you from your computer and put plenty of plants around your office, especially peace lilies to neutralise electromagnetic stress. Switch off completely or remove equipment you don’t really need. How about a Zen alarm instead of your radio alarm clock? Lovely to be awoken by gentle chimes. Do you have a geopathic stress problem in your home or workplace? Geopathic stress is caused by energy that arises out of the earth especially from geological faults. You can have your home checked or you could buy a neutraliser. Is the air you breathe clean? Would it be worth having an ioniser and an air filter system? Do you have synthetic carpets? They can release toxic fumes unless you treat them with a carpet guard spray.

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