Whole House Energy Monitoring Systems

What do energy monitoring systems do for businesses and homeowners? This is a question often asked by those who want to lower overall costs by saving energy. In these times, checking on your use of energy both reduces your expenditure and helps to preserve the environment.

With crude oil prices fluctuating rapidly and both gluts and restrictions alternately arising in the market, it is important to take steps that personally ensure you have some control over your finances. Energy monitoring systems make use of today’s technology by delivering accurate, timely information on the use of energy in an organisation or building.

Purpose Of Energy Monitoring Systems

Energy Monitoring Systems have one main purpose. They provide energy data which allows you to lower consumption or adopt behaviours that save energy. They can be used anywhere, including large commercial complexes and tiny homes. Without information on energy consumption, managers and householders cannot find ways to cut back. They will merely be trying to make changes without accurate information to guide them.

Sensors are an essential part of energy monitoring systems, regardless of what brand a homeowner has installed. The sensors are used at each measurement point. This means that if you have 10 devices that use electricity in your home, your system could have a sensor at each of those devices. That would provide you with information on the use of energy by each of those devices. That could be given to you per hour, if you wish.

A sensor at a high-usage appliance such as a refrigerator would give you information on the cost of the power consumed by the unit. With that data, you could change your behaviour, opening the doors less frequently and so on. You could also decide to switch to a more efficient model. Current transducers are used to deliver this type of information to you. All of the results can be viewed via a digital display for your convenience.

Interpreting Energy Monitor Readings

Energy monitoring systems are built to display readings in terms of Watts. A Watt is a Joule per second. In other words, a reading of 30 Watts means that you are using 30 Joules of energy in one second. This reading may be displayed for a particular piece of equipment in your home or office building.

The information will help you to make better decisions about how you utilise that particular device. It can also indicate to you whether a different brand or design might be better for you, in terms of lowering your energy costs. People often fail to replace appliances with more efficient models, leading to unnecessary spending in the long term.

Energy Monitoring Systems- Important For The Environment

When you use an energy monitoring system in your office or household, you are not only helping yourself. It benefits the community and the world. Irresponsible use of energy has lead to a decline in natural resources that is completely unnecessary. This sometimes happens because consumers do not even know how much they are paying for power by the hour. This information is easily accessible via an energy monitoring system.

Many of the processes we rely on to extract crude oil or energy from coal result in contamination and the production of toxins. Despite many rules set by governments worldwide, our air, water and soil is damaged for us and future generations by chemical by-products of coal utilisation.

If you use solar power or wind energy to reduce your reliance on the grid, it is still important to monitor your use of energy. Energy monitoring systems tell you how much energy you are using with any type of solar panels you have. They are better than electricity meters because they deliver detailed information, helping you to reduce consumption effectively.

Accurately Predict Energy Usage

Modern technology has made it easier to budget wisely. With energy monitoring systems, you can not only track your use of energy, you can also predict it. This is essential in homes with large families. It allows you to easily calculate, with a fair degree of accuracy, how much you will need to spend each month on your electricity bill.

You get facts that you can use to educate members of your household or staff. In fact, with energy monitoring systems, based on information you have on your consumption in the middle of the month, you can easily cut back. It gives you power to adjust your habits instantly, so that you have a direct impact on how much you are required to spend at the end of the month.


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