How Often Should I Test my Portable Appliance?

Portable appliance testing commonly known as PAT is used to describe the examination of electrical appliance checking that they are still safe to use. These tests include visual examination and then on to testing which may discover possible faults that cannot be identified by just simply looking at the appliance. The methods of testing are dependent on the type of appliance being used and the environment in which it is used.

Portable appliances are appliances that can be moved. They can be connected or disconnected from a power supply. They will generally have a lead and plug. A plug is a constant source of problems for electrical appliances and needs to be visually checked and tested along with the appliance itself. Examples of portable appliances are kettles, vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, irons and toasters. It can also include larger items such as fridges, photocopiers, fax machines and desktop computers. Mains leads and extension leads are sometimes overlooked but these also fall into the portable appliance category.

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What is Arc Flash

Accidents can occur in the workplace, this is acceptable, what is not acceptable is when they become a normal occurrence. Understanding different workplace related accidents … Read more

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You’re in for a Shock without Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Electricity enables us to work in the first place, powering our homes and businesses so that we can keep connected. It powers our computers, our life-saving medical devices, our air conditioners and our refrigerators as well as many other appliances, and when there is a power failure, without a generator, all activity comes to a standstill.

While electricity is an essential part of our lives, it has also killed and injured many people, started fires and caused major damage to property. An electrical current passing through your body can cause electric shock, and this can result in burns, muscle damage as well as nervous system effects such as fibrillation. The heart can be damaged also because the organ is in the path of the most common routes that electricity takes. All systems, equipment and circuits have to be grounded to protect people from shock and injury.

Electricity is All Around Us

Look around your workspace – there is electricity all around us, and many times computers, monitors, radios, printers, heaters, lighting and other electronics are all working simultaneously in one small office and off one socket. Improper wiring is a major fire hazard with an overloaded circuit. Have an expert install additional outlets if your office has reached the maximum the outlet can take.

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5 Uses for Toy Marbles or Glass Pebbles

Marbles are a favourite toy for children, but they can also be used in a wide range of crafts.  If you love the swirling colours in glass marbles but aren’t sure how to incorporate them into your décor, then you’ll be excited to learn that the sky is truly the limit.  Here are five fun and easy ways to add colour, style and texture to your home with marbles and beautiful glass pebbles.

The Fish Tank Substrate

When you start setting up a fish tank, you’ll find that there are countless options for the substrate.  However, marbles are an easy and attractive choice you may not have considered.  The glass can handle being submerged, and the orbs are easy to rinse off when it’s time to scrub the tank.  The shape won’t work as well with an under-gravel filter, but marbles are an excellent option if you’re using a hanging filtration system.  They’re also an excellent choice in very small tanks that are going to be cleaned regularly.  Consider using different sizes of marbles to help eliminate gaps in the substrate, or go with glass pebbles that will nestle together nicely.

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Electrical Safety in the Home

According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost 48,000 house fires caused by electrical failures or malfunctions were reported annually between 2007 and 2011. There is a lot of truth behind the old saying that safety begins in the home. Here are some tips on how to ensure and make sure you implement electrical safety in your home.

 Electrical Cords & Outlets

If you have any damaged or loose electrical cords in your home, either repair or replace them. Unless you absolutely have to use them, eliminate the use of extension cords in your home. Most fires during the holidays are either directly or indirectly related to the use of extension cords. Do not overload outlets.

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What does a Thermal Imaging Camera do?

Thermal CameraA thermal imaging camera renders infrared radiation as visible light. The cameras pick up body heat and allow people to be located in smoky, dark or extremely hot places. Firefighters use the cameras to quickly locate the source the fire in a structure or to find people who are visually obscured. Thermal imaging cameras can also be used find victims outdoors on cool, foggy nights, detect smoldering fires in a wall, look through heat-permeable barriers or even spot overheating electrical wiring before they cause a fire. These cameras have become an indispensable tool for firefighters worldwide.

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Reasons for Musical Instrument Calibration

piano2Instruments need to be calibrated constantly to ensure their proper working order, and to maintain the delicate balance that exists. There are a number of specific instruments that need to be calibrated, such as high quality pianos, accordions, and even saxophones. If proper care is not taken to ensure they are maintained, problems with the quality of the sound they produce occurs. This can be avoided though by understanding how they function, and periodically having them inspected. You can hire someone qualified to do this for you, or you can learn the ways to perform this yourself.

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What Are Digital Multimeters?

Digital MultimeterIn this day and age, one can simply expect many innovative concepts to materialize into reality. Because of the advancements made in technology, every other task or matter is made convenient to the people of today’s times. One can simply expect to make use of a device to perform a specific chore with ease, simply because technology has been greatly updated to provide much convenience. The same goes for electrical devices, which have specific uses which can benefit a variety of individuals, especially electronics experts and technicians. With these devices, they can tell whether circuits and wires are functioning properly. One of the most important devices for an electrician, however, is a digital multimeter, or a DMM. (See info on Clamp Meter)

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How to Pick a New Clamp Meter

There are certainly several advancements in technology nowadays that it makes it quite easy for all sorts of professionals to perform what is expected of them.

Clamp Meter

This is something which applies even to technicians and electricians.  They are provided all the latest equipment infused with up to date technology.  However, there are some nifty innovations which may actually require skill and expertise.  Take electrical systems for example; one cannot simply try fix any problems with electric current inside the house or in the office if that person does not have the necessary knowledge on how wires and electric cables work.  There may be a chance that this person would end up injuring or even killing himself if he attempts to rectify the situation, simply because he wasn’t equipped with the proper knowledge and skills.  This is where the aid of an electrician comes in.  Apart from their know-how on such matters, they also possess all the right tools to prepare for any troubleshooting concerns.

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Belt Sanders: What You Need To Know

Belt sanders are a mainstay in industries involving woodwork, as well as many other materials. In the case of woodwork, belt sanders are usually introduced into the production process at either the finishing stage or more commonly in the very early stages of production. This is largely due to their ability to ‘file away’ wood very quickly so they are also useful in circumstances where large amounts of wood have to be removed at a fast rate.

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Cardboard Moving Boxes: Think Out Of The Box

The humble cardboard box; they have been around since the early 1800’s. They have changed the world we live in completely. Almost all of us will use one in the next year or two. But for most people they are something easily overlooked and underutilised.

Invented and developed throughout the 19th century , staring out as flimsy ‘paperboard’ boxes to the precut, corrugated marvels we know today, the cardboard box has changed the way businesses, charity organizations, retail giants and homes have moved and stored their goods and belongings. When you sit down and actually think about it, it would be hard to imagine a world without them. Perhaps the main reason the cardboard box is such an overlooked and neglected business or household item is due in part to our wasteful habits.

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