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Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

Do you own a large property with lots of mature trees all over it? If so, autumn probably isn’t your favorite season – nobody likes to rake leaves and other debris for hours on end. Fortunately, today’s technology has a solution to this problem, and it’s called a walk behind leaf blower.

A fantastic alternative to regular backpack leaf blowers, walk behind leaf blowers allow homeowners to efficiently remove fallen leaves from large backyards and other sizeable tree-covered areas. Not only do these convenient machines save a lot of time and effort, but they’re also exceptionally maneuverable and easy to operate.

However, this also makes them significantly more expensive than their handheld or backpack-style cousins. For that matter, the purchase of a walk behind leaf blower is a serious investment, and certainly not one you should make without doing any research.

To help you out, we’ve decided to round up the market’s most popular models and analyze all of their vital features in detail, from controls to engines to discharge chutes. In addition, we’ve also compiled a short but informative buying guide to make finding the right blower for your needs a bit easier.

So, without further ado – here are the market’s ten best walk behind leaf blowers:


The Best Walk Behind Leaf Blower

In case you haven’t got the time to read through all of the reviews, here’s our top recommendation:

Our Top Pick: No products found.


  • Potent & fuel-efficient 208cc engine
  • Extremely lightweight & easy to maneuver
  • Three ball-bearing, semi-pneumatic wheels
  • 90° discharge chute & rubberized handle
  • 2-year limited warranty

Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers Reviews

LB800M by Merry Mac Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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  • Air Displacement: 1600cfm
  • Engine Size: 205cc
  • Weight: 90lbs

No products found.

Not every homeowner needs the level of power offered by the most expensive leaf blowers. For such individuals, the Merry Mac LB800M is a great choice.

While not as costly as other models in our roundup, this leaf blower does a great job of removing tons of leaves from small-to-medium yards. The other Merry Mac model we’ve reviewed, the LB1450CEZM, is a better choice for those with larger properties.

This leaf blower is equipped with a 205cc motor that was engineered and manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. It produces a very acceptable 1600cfm and discharges air at the maximum speed of 160 mph. While these numbers may seem low when compared to other leaf blowers on our list, the LB800M still provides much more power than most backpack leaf blowers.

Other features we liked are the relative quietness of this model and the presence of a deflector plate that allows better control of the airflow. Unfortunately, the unit isn’t as maneuverable as we’d like it to be – none of its wheels are swiveling.


  • Decent power and build quality
  • Quieter than most lightweight blowers
  • Comes with a deflector plate


  • Front wheel doesn’t swivel

No products found.

SuperHandy Ultra Duty Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: 2000cfm
  • Engine Size: 212cc
  • Weight: 130lbs

Next up is SuperHandy Ultra Duty, a wheeled walk behind leaf blower with a simple but reliable and durable design and a high-power, fuel-efficient engine.

Just like most other machines of its type, SuperHandy Ultra Duty is housed on three wheels. One thing we particularly liked about its construction is the completely encased design. In other words, the person that operates this walk behind leaf blower doesn’t have to worry about his or her safety.

Performance-wise, this model is equipped with a strong 212cc gas engine. As such, it is capable of reaching the airspeed of 200 mph, allowing its operator to effortlessly remove large amounts of leaves from any surface. The engine itself runs on 87+octane gasoline.

Another excellent feature of this walk behind blower is its low-oil sensor. Its job is to automatically turn off the unit’s engine once the amount of remaining fuel reaches unsafe-operation levels. The only thing we didn’t like is the handle – there’s no padding on it.


  • Potent, fuel-efficient engine
  • Enclosed design for better safety
  • Swiveled front wheel


  • No padding on the handle

No products found.

CVB-2465B by Patriots Products Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: N/A
  • Engine Size: 190cc
  • Weight: 81lbs

Unlike most of the other leaf blowers in our roundup, Patriot Products CVB-2465B is actually a very versatile cleanup tool. As a combination of a blower, chipper, and vacuum, it’s a true “leaf relief”, as its manufacturer likes to call it.

As such, this multifaceted machine is an ideal choice for homeowners who need more than just a regular walk behind leaf blower. Besides being able to blow away leaves and other debris, this heavy duty tool can also be used to vacuum open areas. In addition, CVB-2465B can break smaller branches into chips and deliver them to a litter bag.

With 6.5 HP Briggs & Stratton engine at its heart, the model is capable of discharging air at the speed of 140 mph. This is more than enough to clear any lawn, driveway, or patio. An important thing to mention here is that this leaf blower has a high-performance muffler – it’s not as noisy as some of the other walk behind leaf blowers we’ve analyzed in this article.


  • A versatile cleanup tool: blower, vacuum, and chipper
  • Powered by a potent but quiet engine
  • Accompanied by a 2-year warranty


  • A bit hard to push

No products found.

Southland SWB163150E Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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  • Air Displacement: 1200cfm
  • Engine Size: 163cc
  • Weight: 95lbs

One of Southland’s most popular walk behind leaf blowers, the SWB163150E is built to last, provides good maneuverability, and effortlessly takes care of fallen leaves and other debris.

As you can see from above, Southland SWB163150E is equipped with a 163cc 2-stroke motor. This gives it enough power (1200cfm) to blast piles of leaves from any area in a short amount of time. In addition, the motor is simple to fire up due to the presence of a manual recoil easy start system.

In terms of construction, it’s easy to see that SWB163150E was built from strong and durable materials. Besides the tough steel fan housing, the model also has a couple of 12” rear wheels and one front wheel with a swiveling function. Once we combine this with the adjustable angle chute, we get a very maneuverable leaf blower that efficiently takes care of any leaf clearing task.

The only thing we didn’t like about this leaf blower is that its front grille, which protects the fan, can become blocked from time to time. This may require you to clear it whenever you notice a drop in power.


  • Powerful, easy-to-start motor
  • Lightweight but durable
  • Adjustable chute & swiveling front wheel


  • The grille can get blocked up

No products found.

LB1450CEZM by Merry Mac Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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  • Air Displacement: 2000cfm
  • Engine Size: 305cc
  • Weight: 115lbs

Designed for heavy-duty work, Merry Mac’s popular LB1450CEZM model is a great option for those with medium-to-large yards. In other words, this walk behind leaf blower is a suitable choice for property managers or homeowners with a large acreage that needs to be kept free of fallen leaves.

Quick to start and silent to run, Merry Mac LB1450CEZM is equipped with a potent Briggs & Stratton 305cc engine that powers its fan. As such, it displaces air at 2000cfm, which is more than enough to efficiently remove pounds of leaves from any large area.

Besides the potent engine, another great thing about this leaf blower is how maneuverable and easy-to-operate it is. This is largely due to its low weight, as the model weighs only 115 pounds. This, however, did not have a bad effect on its build quality – LB1450CEZM sports a metal frame body and an encased steel fan.

Other features worth mentioning are the large back wheels, a swivel front wheel, as well as the cushioned, ergonomically-designed handle.


  • Good air speed and displacement ratings
  • Light, silent, and easy to start
  • Great for medium and large yards


  • Controls not near the handle

No products found.

Landworks Super Duty Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: 2000cfm
  • Engine Size: 212cc
  • Weight: 130 pounds

As you can see from above, this walk behind blower is very similar to the SuperHandy’s model we’ve already reviewed. With the only real difference being the paint job, potential buyers only have to decide which color they like more.

Both the SuperHandy’s and Landwork’s units provide the same features and come at the same price. Just like its doppelgänger, this leaf blower is made out of heat-treated and powder-coated steel. As such, it is extremely durable and rust-resistant – you won’t have to worry about the longevity of this blower.

When it comes to power, the 212cc gas engine allows this leaf blower to throw out 2000 cubic feet of air per minute. The user controls the airflow via an adjustable flap that’s located on the discharge chute. In other words, you’ll have good control over maintaining your property – Landworks Super Duty makes it easy to move leaves into rows or piles.

Besides the weight, the only thing we didn’t like about this leaf blower is the fill angle in its reservoir. It is somewhat awkwardly positioned and difficult to use.


  • One of the best heavy-duty walk behind leaf blowers
  • Quality construction with a powder-coated finish
  • Adjustable airflow chute flap


  • Awkward fill angle in the reservoir

No products found.

F902H by Billy Goat Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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  • Air Displacement: 1700cfm
  • Engine Size: 262cc
  • Weight: 165lbs

The next walk behind leaf blower in our roundup is Billy Goat F902H, an efficient self propelled model and a great choice for both beginners and experienced users.

The Billy Goat F902H sports a 4-stroke 262cc engine made by Honda. For that matter, this is a very powerful leaf blower. Achieving an airflow of 1700cfm and an airspeed of 200 mph, it is as four times as powerful as the conventional backpack leaf blower.

However, the best thing about this model’s engine is that it’s self propelled. In other words, you don’t have to push the blower around, which turns it into a great choice for the less-mobile homeowners. There is also the automatic mechanical decompression system, whose job is to make the engine startup faster and easier.

However, all of these convenient features come at a price – Billy Goat F902H is a very heavy leaf blower, at 165 pounds. Still, as a self propelled unit, moving it around is easy. It’s an ideal choice for owners of big yards, but also for professional landscapers.


  • A self propelled leaf blower
  • Powerful 4-stroke engine
  • Automatic mechanical decompression system


  • Quite bulky

No products found.

Little Wonder Optimax by Mantis Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: 1397cfm
  • Engine Size: 160cc
  • Weight: 153lbs

While not flawless, Mantis Little Wonder Optimax is a great choice for homeowners who need a quality walk behind leaf blower for everyday use. In fact, it’s one of Mantis’ best-sold models, and it’s popular for a couple of good reasons.

Little Wonder Optimax comes equipped with a medium-range engine, and, as such, is a suitable choice for medium-size yards. Its 160cc 4-stroke Honda engine may not be the most powerful one on the market, but it’s fuel-efficient, doesn’t generate as much smoke, and runs much more quietly than your standard 2-stroke engine.

The model’s 17” propeller, on the other hand, has been manufactured from single-cut steel and is more than capable of generating large amounts of airflow. With the maximum airspeed of 153mph, you shouldn’t have any issues with removing piles of wet leaves from your property.

Little Wonder Optimax rests on three well-designed tires and has a handle with an anti-vibration grip. It is, however, quite heavy – pushing 153 lbs of steel isn’t something you’ll want to do for hours on end.


  • Excellent medium-range Honda engine
  • Sturdy 17” propeller
  • Anti-vibration grip on the handle


  • Heavy

No products found.

F1802SPV by Billy Goat Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: 2900cfm
  • Engine Size: 570cc
  • Weight: 183lbs

In case you own a really large property filled with trees and you need the ultimate leaf-cleaning power, few machines are as suitable as Billy Goat F1802SPV. For the biggest of jobs, this model may be the best walk behind leaf blowers on the market.

The extreme power of this unit comes from its huge 570cc motor manufactured by Briggs & Stratton. Throwing air at a whopping 2900cfm, this is one of the beefiest leaf blowers that money can get – it’s seven times as powerful as the market’s best backpack-style leaf blowers.

Other features worth mentioning are the sizable 6” discharge vent and a high-quality 17” 16-blade fan. These and other characteristics turn the Billy Goat F1802SPV into an ideal choice for professionals as well as owners of very large properties.

All of these amenities come at a price, however. This is one of the most expensive leaf blowers out there and certainly not something you should go for if you don’t really need that much power.


  • An exceptionally powerful self-propelled model
  • Excellent build quality & low noise levels
  • A fantastic choice for those with large properties


  • High price point

No products found.

Troy Bilt TB672 Walk Behind Leaf Blower

No products found.


  • Air Displacement: 1000cfm
  • Engine Size: 208cc
  • Weight: 78lbs

In our opinion, Troy Bilt TB672 is the best walk behind leaf blower available on the market. This model is equipped with a set of convenient features that turn it into a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to remove leaves and all other kinds of debris from their yard, be it small or large.

First of all, this is one of the lightest walk behind leaf blowers available, at only 78 pounds. As such, it is very easy to push around. It has one 8” front wheel and two 12” rear wheels, and all of these are semi-pneumatic and ball-bearing.

The heart of this leaf blower is the 208cc OHV engine, which provides a 1000cfm airflow volume and a 150 mph airstream. The motor itself uses synthetic oil and doesn’t take much effort to start up. What’s more, it’s very fuel-efficient and doesn’t generate as much emission as engines present on many other leaf blowers.

Finally, the unit features a 14-inch high output impeller, a rubberized handle, and a 90-degree front discharge chute. It is accompanied by a 2-year limited warranty.


  • An outstanding yard cleaning performance
  • Easy-to-start and fuel-efficient engine
  • An extremely lightweight blower


  • No swiveling front wheel

No products found.

A Buying Guide for the Best Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

When shopping for the best walk behind leaf blower, take into consideration the following factors:

Housing Material

The housing that encases the unit’s moving parts can and should contribute to an uninterrupted, smooth airflow. Most walk behind leaf blowers come with casings and housings made out of two materials:

  • Metal
  • Composite polymer plastic

Obviously, metal casings are far more durable and can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Plastic housings, on the other hand, make blowers of this type lighter and less expensive.

Propulsion System

Just like in the case of housing materials, these machines also come with two different types of propulsion systems. We can separate them into:

  • Self-propelled models
  • Push-to-move models

As their name suggests, the mobility of push-to-move units depends entirely on the effort and strength of their users. While pushing them around for hours on end can be tiresome, they’re bound to save you a lot of money in the long run. Their self-propelled cousins, on the other hand, require a lot less effort on the user’s part, but you’ll have to buy gas/oil to keep them running.

Airflow Speed

When shopping for the best walk behind leaf blower, one also needs to take the airflow speed into consideration. This will mostly depend on the motor that powers the fan, as well as on its overall design.

The higher the CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (miles per hour) ratings are, the more leaves and other debris a particular blower will be able to handle. However, a blower with an excellent airflow speed rating will also be larger and consume more fuel.


Just like most lawn-care machines, a walk behind blower will be noisy – it’s as simple as that. The noise is generated by the air flowing through the unit’s fan and by its gas-operated motor.

To find out how noisy a particular model is, look for the dBA rating. In case you’re living in a residential area, buying a blower that’s as quiet as possible would be a wise decision.

Engine Size

Another important consideration is the power of your blower. Most machines of this type come equipped with gasoline-powered motors, whose strengths are rated in cc. The higher this rating is, the more blowing force a particular model will have. Most units have engine ratings that range between 100 and 500cc.

Choosing a blower whose engine was made by a reputable manufacturer, such as Briggs & Stratton or Honda, is also important. This will make it easier to find spare parts in case of malfunctions.

Engine Cycle

A leaf blower of this type will usually have either a 2-cycle or a 4-cycle gas motor. As expected, most entry-level units will be equipped with 2-cycle engines. These usually need oil-mix fuel to operate and can be quite loud.

4-cycle motors, often found in larger and more powerful blowers, are much more fuel-efficient and aren’t as loud. While more expensive, they offer better performance and allow users to efficiently remove leaves and other debris from their properties.

Price & Warranty

These types of machines aren’t cheap – there’s no way around that. In fact, they are far more expensive than their handheld and backpack-style cousins. However, they also provide more power and speed and are much more durable. For the owners of sizable properties, they’re the only feasible choice.

Make sure to buy a blower that’s accompanied by a warranty that covers the period of at least two years from the date of purchase. A longer warranty will make your life a lot easier in case anything goes wrong with your unit.


While not as versatile as Patriot Products CVB-2465B or as powerful as Billy Goat F1802SPV, we consider the No products found. to be the best walk behind leaf blower on the market.

Out of all the blowers we’ve analyzed in this article, Troy Bilt’s model packs all the power and features you’ll ever need into one easy-to-use and lightweight package.

Effortless to push around due to its ball-bearing wheels, equipped with an ergonomic, rubberized handle, and powerful enough to remove piles upon piles of leaves and other debris from any yard, it’s the market’s best blower of this type for a good reason.

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