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What Are the Best Materials for Kitchen Floors?

It doesn’t really matter how much you love cooking (or don’t) – you still need to spend at least some portion of your day in the kitchen.

Whether you’re preparing meals for your family, eating them, or just taking a break from your busy schedule, the kitchen is often the heart of the home and a space that deserves all the love and care you can provide it.

That’s why spicing it up from time to time and investing some money and energy into this area is the right thing to do. From repainting the walls and updating the cabinets to installing new granite tops Alpharetta and purchasing new kitchen appliances, this is the way to show your kitchen how much you value its role in your life. But, it’s also a way to take your cooking skills to a whole new level and boost your motivation, so be sure to find even more updates you can work on.

Replacing the floors is just one of the things you can do, but keep in mind that not all floors are the same – you have to pick the right material and make sure it’s as durable, practical and visually appealing as possible. So, what are some of the best flooring materials for your kitchen, and how can you pick the right one?


hardwood floor in the kitchen

This is probably the most popular option out there, and one of the most practical solutions you can find. Hardwood floors are easy to install and even easier to maintain, which makes them quite a suitable idea for your kitchen as well. This space can get rather messy, especially if you’re not the most skilful home cook in the world, and that’s why being able to clean your mess up is so important. With hardwood floors, you’ll be able to do that easily, so take some time to learn a few cleaning tips and tricks that might help you quite a lot in the long run.


This is one of the cheaper materials you can use in your kitchen, so if you’re looking for an affordable yet practical option, look no further and buy some linoleum as soon as possible. It comes in different colours, so you can mix it in with your existing kitchen more than easily, and it’s quite easy to clean as well. However, be sure to clean it regularly, especially if you spill some water on your floor because it can cause damage over time. The same goes for floods – if your pipes burst, you need to act immediately, and replace your linoleum right away.


Speaking of kitchen flooring ideas that are affordable and practical at the same time, vinyl is another option you should check out. Again, it’s more than versatile and useful, and you can clean it using your vacuum cleaner or mop quite easily. Vinyl flooring was quite popular back in the day, so if you’re going for vintage and traditional look, this could be the best choice you can make. You can also pick a more luxurious alternative that comes in visually appealing patterns, imitating stone, wood and other natural materials that could look quite cool in your kitchen.


This is one of the most surprising choices you can make when it comes to your kitchen flooring, but that’s precisely why this is an idea you definitely need to take into consideration. While most people believe that concrete is a material that’s predominately used in exterior decoration, nobody says you can’t use it in your interiors as well. When it comes to kitchens, keep in mind that concrete can look very attractive, especially if you mix it with some nice cabinets. You can even opt for those appealing and practical concrete countertops and take the feel of your entire kitchen to a whole new level.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tiles in the kitchen floor

This is probably the second most popular flooring option out there, and the number of kitchens that feature ceramic tile is huge. The reason behind it is quite simple – this material is easy to clean, so you can clean up whatever you spill in a matter of seconds.

This is vital for your cooking process, and knowing that you can easily undo all the damage you make will help you relax and focus on your cooking. What’s even better is that tiles come in all shapes and sizes, as well as different colours and patterns, so opting for them means you can really make your kitchen look more beautiful than ever

Now that I mention colors, check out my post on nice colors for the kitchen as well.


If you’re into sustainability and eco-friendliness, this is the option you need to go for. Bamboo floors sound like the craziest idea in the world, but that’s far from reality – this is actually one of the best looking and most durable flooring option there is. What’s even better is that bamboo is resistant to water damage, which is quite important for all kitchens, even those run by the most professional and careful cooks in the world. The problem with bamboo is its price because this isn’t exactly the cheapest flooring option you can find. Still, it’s a visually appealing and cool option and a choice that will instantly show all your visitors what a responsible and sustainable person you are.


Cork is another unusual solution, but it’s a fan favourite with all those who are trying to spice their kitchen up with an intriguing design. It gives your kitchen a unique appeal and an amazing texture that feels rather cool when you’re walking over it. In addition to that, cork is a great insulator, which is crucial for regulating your indoor temperature all year long. It also minimizes outside noises, so you can really concentrate on your cooking and preparing amazing meals for your family and friends.

In the end, all of these materials have their pros and cons – some of them are expensive, others are practical, some are versatile when it comes to colours and shapes. You need to consult your remodelling budget, figure out how much you’re able to spend on new floors and choose the best option you can afford.

Now that you know what to do with your kitchen floor, it might be a good idea to think about kitchen ventilation. Read my post on the importance of ventilation in the kitchen.

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