the best colours for your kitchen

What Are the Best Colors for a Kitchen?

Spending hours in the kitchen is not always fun, no matter how much you are into cooking. However, it’s something you just have to do if you want to give your family three healthy and nutritious meals a day. That’s why spending time in a kitchen that’s well-organized, well-maintained and motivating is always a great alternative, and definitely better than being stuck in a tiny and dark space. Kitchens are also a decorator’s dream, as there are so many areas and surfaces you can focus on, from the cabinets and countertops to the walls, not to mention the appliances and utensils.

So, what are some of the best kitchen colors that might work for you as well?



Ceramic tiles in the kitchen floor

If you’re a traditional person, this is the right color for you. White kitchens have always been popular, and the reason behind it is quite easy to understand – they’re clean, simple, organized, and visually appealing, and those are the things every kitchen needs today. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should use white on literally surface in your kitchen, but making this your primary color is always a great option.

While most people don’t opt for white walls – because they get dirty quite easily and can be rather hard to clean – they still prefer white cabinets. You can design and build these quite cheaply, and you can even get some old cabinets at your local flea market, salvage them, and then just paint them white. After that, you can spice them up with some cool handles, and then repeat the entire process on your new white kitchen island. In the end, install some white backsplash, and your kitchen will look better than ever!


If you’re not a fan of white, chances are you might be a fan of black. I know it might sound odd, painting your kitchen in black, but it does work really well. The only problem with using black in your cooking space is making sure it’s bright enough – unless you have those huge windows that will allow lots of natural light to enter your black kitchen – as it might end up looking too dark.

Still, you can’t deny that black cabinets and countertops look pretty elegant. No matter how big your kitchen is, these features are going to make it look richer and more chic than it’s ever looked, and that’s ultimately going to make a major difference in your attitude towards cooking. Instead of avoiding this space like the plague, you’ll fall in love with its sleek black design and glossy finishes, and end up spending more and more time perfecting your cooking abilities.


beige kitchen solution

If you’re not a fan of black or white, you might want to consider going beige. This is a soft and muted color that’s similar enough to white, but still has some attitude, which is why lots of famous designers from all over the world – including your favorite TV designers on HGTV and TLC – are insisting on this color in their designs.

Beige is a great choice no matter what your preferences are because it’s simple, neutral, easy to maintain, and, what’s even more important, you can easily add lots of colorful details to it that won’t disrupt the color scheme you’ve opted for.

When it comes to choosing the surfaces you can cover in beige, most people go for the cabinets, kitchen island, and the countertops, giving their kitchen a new look that’s warm and welcoming. You can even use appliances that are beige or at least milky, meaning you’re not going to settle for white as the most obvious color choice, but still, add an element of surprise into your kitchen design. In the end, you can take everything to a new level by choosing beige flooring and backsplash, but, still, try not to make your kitchen too simple and uniform. You do need some element of color to break up the uniformity.


For people who love living near the sea, this is the best color in the world. Being so versatile and adaptive to different designs, blue can be combined with lots of different colors, becoming as bold or as warm as you’d like it to be. Also, it comes in various shades, so you can opt for blue walls, blue countertops, blue cabinets, and even blue appliances, but still make your kitchen not look like it comes from the middle of Smurf village.

The secret is in combining blue with other colors. Unless you want to feel like you’re living under the sea, you should consider adding lots of different elements that are white, yellow, or brown. All of these colors go well with blue and add a nice contrast to your kitchen’s predominant color scheme, making it look more appealing and welcoming, which is exactly what your kitchen should look like.


Being passionate and adventurous are the two main character traits of all amazing chefs, and this means that this is what you need to be as well, if you want to achieve greatness. One of the ways to take your cooking passion to a new level is by painting your kitchen red – after all, this is the most passionate color in the specter, but it’s also quite versatile and visually appealing.

red kitchen

While most people would consider red walls too inappropriate for their living rooms or bedrooms, they can’t deny how amazing these walls look in their kitchens. Enhanced with a few nice accessories, these walls can turn into the focal point of your entire kitchen and even your home, helping you realize that you’ve made the right decision choosing this color. You can also repaint your cabinets red or introduce a few red appliances – from the fridge and microwave oven to the toaster, mixer, and coffee maker – that will make this space come alive and appear cooler than ever.

Of course, these aren’t the only colors you could use in your kitchen. All those different shades of green, orange, grey and even purple could spice up your cooking space quite easily, taking your kitchen design to a whole new level.

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